James McOrmond

Source of Image: Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton, MA - June 2001

   James McOrmond was born 12 July 1819 in County Tipperary N.R., Ireland. He died 25 April 1882 in Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts and was buried 27 April 1882 in Clinton, Worcester, Massachusetts.

   James married Mary Neally, daughter of David NEALLY and Isabel ROGERS, before 1852 in Ireland. Mary was born 13 Mar 1819 in Ireland (most likely, as there is discrepancy between her DOD Cert and DOD Registrar's Index). She died 7 July 1900 in Clinton, Worcester, Massachusetts and was buried 9 Jul 1900 in Clinton, Worcester, Massachusetts.

   They had the following (known)children:

i Henry MCORMOND was born 25 December 1842 in Ireland and died 8 January 1909 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
ii John MCORMOND was born December 1844 in Ireland. He died 31 May 1846 in Quebec, Canada and was buried 1 Jun 1846 in Quebec, Canada.
iii Sarah MCORMOND was born 6 August 1846 in Quebec, Canada and died 7 March 1920 in West Boylston, Massachusetts.
iv James MCORMOND was born 1 January 1852 in Quebec, Canada and died 18 November 1924 in New York City, New York.
v William M. MCORMOND was born 14 August 1852 in Quebec, Canada and died 24 July 1921 in Wallingford, Connecticut.
vi Robert W MCORMOND was born 6 July 1854 in Quebec, Canada and died 03 April 1907- in New York City.
vii   Mary Jane MCORMOND was born 11 December 1856 in Quebec, Canada and died 15 November 1926 in Newton, Massachusetts.

   James McOrmond is more commonly referred to as the 1st of the American Clan since most of his descendants are living within the United States. James had a brother, John S., who had a son named John James (this would be James' nephew) who originally came to the United States, worked for the railroad, and eventually settled in Canada. The Irish Descendants living in Canada are (his nephew) John James' Clan.

    James married Mary Nealy (most likely) before 25 December 1842. We know he attended church throughout his life - the likelihood of his not being married is small, given religious practices of the time. We would also presume he did so before Henry's birth date (Christmas, 1842). James and Mary sailed to Quebec, Canada approximately between December 1844 and 06 August 1846. James worked as a ship-builder/laborer/policeman (St. Paul Parish Records) in Quebec and lived in a region there known as St. Roche. He and his family are recorded in the 1861 East Canada Census. Although the name is spelled incorrectly (McGorman), the ages of all those under his head of household status match exactly with those known of the clan. There is evidence that he may have temporarily relocated to New York City sometime before 1870. (Wife, Mary, is listed as a Passenger to New York in 1863) He later moved to Bolton, Massachusetts in April of 1869. The 1872 Directory of Clinton, MA lists James' residence at South Main Street (with James, Jr. & William). The 1875 Directory lists the same residence and in addition mentions membership in the Independent Order Good Templars (along with his son, James, and brothers Robert & William).

   From the end of the Civil War to the turn of the century, the majority of people in temperance organizations belonged to fraternal groups - highly organized secret societies requiring total abstinence, and aimed primarily at helping members stay sober, improving their character and helping other drunkards reform. As the Most Worthy Scribe of the Sons of Temperance explained, the Sons "sprang from the lap of the Washingtonians," and were dedicated to carrying on the reformation work by providing greater organizational structure and support. It was concerned with helping "reformed inebriates;" its first purpose was "to shield its members from the evils of intemperance."

   In the latter half of the 19th century the Sons of Temperance, the Good Templars, and a host of smaller fraternal groups, functioned in much the same manner that A.A. does today. They provided addicts who joined their organizations with encouragement, friendship and a social life free from alcohol. They went to inebriates in times of need, and in some cases offered financial support as well.

   Moderate drinkers, not drunkards, came in for the most scorn in temperance literature. "And if there be any difference in the degrees of guilt between moderate drinkers and drunkards," asserted a Good Templar tract, "the moderate drinker is worse than the drunkard."

   The Independent Order of Good Templars, the largest temperance membership organization in American history, was so involved in reform work that it worried about being branded solely as an association of ex-drunkards. While lifelong abstainers were important to the organization, a central focus of the Good Templars was helping inebriates to become and stay abstinent. Good Templars were urged to "run and speak to that young man who is contracting vicious habits--gain his consent that you shall propose his name for membership in the lodge." In the initiation ritual of the Good Templars, those members "free from the undying curse of appetite" were encouraged to "fully sympathize with the confirmed inebriate." Those being initiated into the Charity Order were urged to "study well the nature of this appetite;" they were told that reformed individuals sometimes relapsed, and reminded that their task was to go to "thy reclaimed brother" in his "awful hour." And they took pride in pointing out "the many official positions now filled by worthy men who have been reclaimed and reformed, given back to their families and community . . . by the labors of the Good Templars."

   James is first listed in the (U.S.) 1880 Federal Census of Clinton, Worcester, Massachusetts. It remains one of the few "official" types of record found.

   James married Mary Neally, (probably in Ireland). There was, for some time, much misinformation circulating that listed a woman, "Sarah" as his mother. The death certificate of Henry, who is James' son, had originally contained the record as "Martha," as mother, lined it out, then listed "Sarah" as Henry's mother. The informant is known to have been given by James McOrmond (Henry's son, James' grandson) on 8 January 1909. Most likely, this is how that source originated - as it is the only record found with that particular misinformation. It is also presumed Henry's son, James, wasn't very close to his grandparents - after all, his grandmother (Mary) had died only 9 years prior to his father (Henry, 1909).

Extraction from Henry's DOD Cert

   Mary was the daughter of David Neally and Isabel Rogers. She was born on 13 March 1819 in Ireland. She died on 6 July 1900, at Clinton, Massachusetts (Clinton Courant, 14 July 1900, by Clinton Historical Society). She was buried on July 9, 1900 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton, Massachusetts, beside James (Image above).

Little known facts:

   James and Mary had twelve children: Henry, John (born 1845 in Bleary, County Down), Sarah, William (b. 1854 in Quebec), James, Robert and Mary Jane. At the time of the 1900 Census, six of these seven listed children were still living. A seventh (son), John, died in Quebec, Canada - according to Parish Records of St. Paul's Anglican Church. It is unknown if any other children survived long after childbirth.

   James "officially" immigrated to the U.S. in 1869 and was, in fact, naturalized.

Transcribed Letter from Church of the Good Shepherd - 14 June 2001:

   James W. Ormond, died April 25, 1882, burial service held on April 27th, Age 63. Buried in "Clinton cemetery" which must be Woodlawn. When the priest entered his name he left off the Mc in front of it. I'm sure this is your ancestor since the dates line up with what you gave me.

- Rev. Darrell Huddleston - Parish Records - 1874-1895

[Author note: one of many common surname misspellings "Ormond" - omission of "Mc"]

   Verified gravesite and Interim File: Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton, Worcester, Massachusetts. The actual plot was purchased by their son, William McOrmond, at the time of James' death.

Citation transcriptions of James McOrmond:

   James McOrmond of this town who has been a patient at the Worcester Asylum some months, deceased last Tuesday; Mr. McOrmond's malady was occasioned by an injury to his eye, he leaves a widow, four sons and two daughters residing in this town.The Clinton Courant - Saturday, April 29, 1882. In Worcester April 25, James McOrmond of this town age 63 years, 9 months, 13 days. The Clinton Courant - Saturday, April 29, 1882

    Death Certificate (cause) states James died of paralysis. Paralysis is defined as a loss or impairment of motor function in a part due to lesion of the neural or muscular mechanism, also by analogy, impairment of sensory function (sensory paralysis). His senility depreciated after the injury. Source: (18 November 1997) - Mount Vernon Hospital Medical Dictionary

1880 United States Federal Census Source Listing Extract for James McOrmond

    In 1880, James McOrmond resided in Clinton, Worcester, MA. The Relationship of James McOrmond to the head of the family is Head, male, white, and the age at last birthday 61. In 1880, James McOrmond was recorded as married. The 1880 Census lists that James could read and write. It also states James was born in Ireland, father born in Ireland, and mother born in Ireland.
                Census Enumeration Date: 22 June, 1880

More notes for James McOrmond (update 05 may 2005):

Images of Worcester State Asylum (taken 2001)

Inmate Record (Registrar's Index)

Clinton Courant
Saturday, 29 April 1882

Notes on Mary Neally:

   Mary was born on March 13, 1819 in Ireland. She died on July 6, 1900 at Clinton, Massachusetts (Clinton Courant, 7/14/1900, by Clinton Historical Society). She was the daughter of David and Isabel (nee Rogers) Neally. She was buried on July 9, 1900 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton, Massachusetts. This is a discrepancy with the actual Birth date on DOD Cert.

Church of the Good Shepherd - June 2001

Letter from Church of the Good Shepherd - 14 June 2001:

   Under Communicants: Mary McOrmond listed as died July 7, 1900 - Rev. Darrell Huddleston - Parish Records - 1896-1967, Under Burials: Mary McOrmond, service was held July 10, 1900, age or date of death not given, but assume she is your Mary Nealy who died July 6th. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery. The Rev. R.M. Haughten officiated at the service. - Rev. Darrell Huddleston - Parish Records - 1896-1967

Obituary of Mary Neally McOrmond - Documented by the Clinton Historical Society

   Mary, widow of James McOrmond, died Saturday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. R. Stevenson, 135 Walnut Street, after an illness of several years duration, the cause of death being general debility due to old age. The deceased has made her home for many years with her daughter Mrs. Stevenson who has been a source of great comfort to her mother in her declining years. She leaves six children, four sons and two daughters, Henry, James, William and Robert and Sarah and Mary J. Funeral services were held at her late home Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. V. N. Haughton, rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd of which he was a member.
Clinton Courant - July 14, 1900 - p.4

   TGP Note on Mary's death and burial dates: According to perpetual calendar, July 6, 1900 was a Friday. The source of this investigation is the conflict found in dates with the Clinton Courant obituary and the records from Church of the Good Shepherd. Also the dates for burial seem to differ unless she was buried on the 10th rather than the 9th as some records show, i.e. Interim Card, July 10, 1900 fell on a Tuesday.

1880 United States Federal Census Source Listing for Mary (Neally) McOrmond

Census Enumeration Date: 22 June, 1880

    In 1880, Mary (Neally) McOrmond resided in Clinton, Worcester, MA. The Relationship of Mary (Neally) McOrmond to the head of the family is Wife, female, white, and the age at last birthday 61.
    In 1880, Mary (Neally) McOrmond was Married. Mary (Neally) is listed with the Occupation of Keeps House. It is recorded that Mary could read and write.
    She was born in Ireland, father born in Ireland, and mother born in Ireland. Additional notes/remarks: Place of father's/mother's birth may be incorrectly given to Census taker at the time of enumeration.

   Some of the information below is not verified from another source. Microfilmed images of Naturalization of some members of our clan are not available, due to (really) errors in filming!

1900 United States Federal Census Source Listing for Mary McOrmond

   Enumeration Date: 01 June, 1900 In 1900, Mary McOrmond resided at 135 Walnut Street; Clinton, Worcester, MA. The Relationship of Mary McOrmond to the head of the family is Mother-in-law, female, white, with a Month and Year of Birth as Mar, 1819 - making the age at last birthday 81. In 1900, Mary McOrmond was Widowed, She was the mother of 12 children, with 6 of these children living at the time Census was taken. Mary McOrmond was born in Ireland, father born in Scotland, and mother born in Scotland. [Note below is of great interest;] The Year of Immigration in the U.S. was 1859. Number of years she was in the U.S. was 41. The 1900 Census lists that Mary could read, write, and speak English.

   Mary died within a short period of time after the 1900 U.S. Census was taken. Her last days were spent living with her daughter Mary Jane (McOrmond) Stevenson. At that time, her residence was 135 Walnut Street, Clinton, MA.

   Mary held one of the oldest of the known family "heirlooms" - the Family Bible. This was passed down to her daughter (Mary Jane), who passed it to her daughter, Alice (Stevenson) Peterson who passed it down to her son, Alexander. This info verified with his son, a descendant (her g-grandson) living in Florida, whom we have since lost contact (December 2003). It's rather sad.

   Her burial verified: Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton, Worcester, Massachusetts, beside husband James.

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