Clan of William John McOrmond

   William John McOrmond was born 29 July 1871 in Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia to John McOrmond and Sophia Neighbour. He married Hannah Priscilla Gatty in 1897. She was born 22 November 1859 in Fingal, Tasmania, Australia.

    They had 2 children, William George, and Beatrice Emily McOrmond. Hannah died 1901 in Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia.

Children of William John and Hannah McOrmond

    i. WILLIAM GEORGE MCORMOND, b. 05 July 1897, Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia;
          m. (1) MINNIE DAMM; she was born. 06 March 1904, Omeo, Victoria, Australia;
          m. (2) RUTH UNKNOWN. William had no children.

   ii. BEATRICE EMILY MCORMOND, b. 23 April 1899, Beaconsfield, Tasmania, Australia;
          d. 13 July 1991, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia;
          m. ARTHUR BONNER, 27 August 1919, Fingal, Tasmania, Australia; he was born. 17 July 1885, Cleveland, Australia;
             He died. 02 June 1977, Cleveland, Tasmania, Australia.

         William later met and married Henrietta Ealeanor Hills, sometime between 1901-1905. She was born 02 December 1881 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. William and Henrietta had 2 children, Robert Henry Edward, and Linda Alice May McOrmond. Shortly after Linda's birth, Henrietta died on 08 April 1908 in Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia.

Children of William John and Henrietta McOrmond

   iii. ROBERT HENRY EDWARD MCORMOND, b. 13 June 1905, Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia;
          d. 1958, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia;
          m. OLIVE BONNEY, 21 January 1938, Heathcote, Victoria, Australia; she was born. 25 June 1916, Heathcote, Victoria, Australia;
             She died. 07 July 1986, Bendigo, Victoria, Aus.

   iv. LINDA ALICE MAY MCORMOND, b. 06 January 1908, Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia.

On October 1911, William married Katie May Davis in Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia, daughter of Michael Davis and Emma Willoughby. She was born 13 December 1885 in Campbelltown.

William & Kate (ne Davis) McOrmond Clan

Children of William John and Katie McOrmond

   v. ELIZA MCORMOND, b. 1912.

   vi. ELSIE EMMA JEAN MCORMOND, b. 07 December 1912;
          d. 14 February 1981;
          m. (2) FRANK HINDS.

               All the children of Elsie Emma Jean McOrmond were register numbered in Tatnell even though most were the children of Frank Hinds

   vii. DULCIE MCORMOND, b. 12 February 1914, Campbelltown, Tasmania;
          d. 16 October 1993; m. ERIC CREELEY.

   viii. EILEEN MARGARET MCORMOND, b. 22 January 1915, Campbelltown, Tasmania;
          d. 21 October 1992, Launceston;
          m. ANDREW ALAN JACKSON, 26 January 1935, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia;
          He was born. 19 June 1915, Wynyard, Tasmania;
             He died. 23 January 1994, St Helens, Tasmania.

   ix. JESSIE ELLEN MCORMOND, b. 15 August 1916, Campbelltown, Tasmania;
          d. 11 April 1991, Launceston; m. ALBERT ARKELY.

          d. 18 December 1944, Lamsdorfe Camp Germany.

         Thomas McOrmond Pte; Killed in Air Raid - P.O.W. in Germany Thousands of young men from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand were sent to Greece in 1941 to fight a battle they had no chance of winning. Many were then left behind and had to endure four long years as prisoners of war. They survived this ordeal by a mixture of fortitude, ingenuity and a certain sense of humour. A tribute to those men who were imprisoned in Stalag 18A, Wolfsberg, Austria from 1941 to 1945, and in particular those who were members of Working Party 99/L. - Source:

   xi. MARY RUBY MCORMOND, b. 02 September 1921;
          d. 21 February 1980; m. FRED TUCK. Mary never had children

   xii. LAURENCE WILLIAM MCORMOND, b. 14 May 1921, unknown;
          m. (1) AILEEN MATILDA PARSONS, Unknown; b. 18 May 1921, Ouse, Tasmania, Australia;
          d. 26 August 1999, Prahran, Victoria.

               Records indicate Aileen was cremated at Springvale Crematorium


   William John's history, like many others in our clans, is a work in progress. His was a pleasant life, and having had many children,is the father of many of the present day clans throughout Australia.

   Katie died 19 December 1965 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. William and died shortly thereafter on 24 April 1966 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Special thanks to Maree Sperling (Australia) for her time and contributions.

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