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Victor McOrmond Clan

Children of JOHN MCORMOND and MAY AITKEN are:

   v. VICTOR BOREL MCORMOND was born 28 November 1898, Medlund, Colorado. He was baptized on April 13th, 1899 in Grace Chapel, Holdrige, Nebraska by Ernest Albert Osborn, Rector. [His birth certificate indicates he was born in Colorado and baptized in Nebraska. This is considered to be more accurate than the USA census record of 1900 which has him listed as being born in Nebraska. The census record also incorrectly states his year of birth as 1894. The correct year is 1898.]He spoke fluent French, and after moving to Canada with his family, spent much of his youth staying with the Chinoix Family (pronunciated: SHIN-yay).

   Victor joined the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force (World War 1) March 10th, 1915 with the 30th Battalion. He gave his age as 19 at that time, although he was really 16. His service record (#410561) confirms what he had frequently stated, that being that he falsified his age to join the war. He also used his mother's name for next-of-kin, probably to hide the relationship to his brother Roy who registered at the same time stating the same age.

   Roy registered next-of-kin using his father's name. His war records also state place of birth as Cripple Creek, Colorado and that he has resided in Canada for 12 years, which, if true places the family arrival to Canada around 1903.

   Victor fought in WW1 and was wounded. He received a letter from his aunt Anne Knox who wished him well on June 2, 1919. She referenced another aunt in Belfast. Her address was Clankilvoragh, Lurgan. She makes reference to Andy (Knox-husband) and she going to the sea. She also references Emma (sister) who hasn't written lately. Photo on the left is that of Victor and Roy, taken at one point, in Europe.

   Victor went on to the University of Toronto for 2 years after the war, then joined the Federal Civil Service and eventually became Superintendent of Radio in the Quebec region. His job was to supervise the observance of the Radio Act & Regulations and had a staff of 1500 people.

   On 29 June 1927, Victor married Mary Josephine Francis, in Montreal, Quebec. Mary was born 02 June 1904, Southside, St. John's, Newfoundland. They were married by Elton Scott - Rector of the Diocese of Montreal. Witnesses to the marriage were Kathleen Forster and T. Anderson. The register of the marriage is kept in the Church of St. Columbia in Montreal.

   Mary was Baptized Roman Catholic June 6, 1904 in parish of St. Patrick's by Reverend Wm. P. H. Kitchin with sponsors John McFarlane and Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Pastor of St. Patrick's Church was Thomas J. Flynn. She was raised in a convent from 5 - 19 years of age.

w/Roy & Glen
w/Mary & Maureen

   Victor is listed in the Montreal directory in 1929 at 657 Osborne St. in Verdun as a government radio inspector, and from 1945-1968 - lived in the house on McConnell Rd., Mattawa, ON. Victor bought the farm from Glen.

    Victor died 18 June 1977, Mattawa, Ontario;

    Mary died 10 June 1986, Mattawa, Ontario.

    They are buried together at Pinehill Union Cemetery - Mattawa, Ontario.

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