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Victor McOrmond Clan

Frederic and Glen McOrmond

   vi. FREDERIC MCORMOND was born in January 1900, Colorado, USA. While at a young age he moved to Canada and was later known to the family as "Manunc," (ma-NUNK). He served in First World War, as a member of the 130th battalion C.E.F. After the war, he became a Lumberjack for many years.

   In Manunc's later life, he was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis, and spent some time living with his brother Victor in Mattawa except when grandchildren visited where he then moved across the street to the Gaylor Hotel. He was never married, nor had children.

(Medical Information: Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Arthritis crippled him and he was confined to a wheel chair.

Manunc died 10 November 1963, Mattawa, Ontario, and was buried in Pinehill Union Cemetery - Mattawa, Ontario.

    vii. GLEN MCORMOND was born 11 June 1903, in Kokomo, Colorado, USA. While at a young age, he moved with his family to Canada. Glen was a senior technician with Ontario Hydro, employed with the construction of the atomic reactor.

    Glen was married to woman named Margaret ("Scotty") although much information is as yet, not known about her family. We do know, however, they had no children. Ed McOrmond adds: "He had a home in Toronto and died in Toronto. My brother, Ken who lived in Toronto, became a good friend and I believe was his executor, looking after his estate, burial, etc."


   Glen died 22 March 1978, North Bay, Ontario, and was buried in Pinehill Union Cemetery - Mattawa, Ontario. His gravestone birth date inscription is correctly stated as 1903.

   Margaret, his wife, is buried under her own headstone, born 1912 - died 1966.

The last of our Forefathers are found in Australia with William James McOrmond's Clan...

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